Miss Sophie’s Wellness

“Our mission is to provide a place where you always feel welcomed and cared for. This means that the wellbeing of your body and mind is our priority.”

Sophie runs not just a hostel, but a hotel as well. The same spirit, customer service and loving philosophy in an upgraded mature design. Sounds Good? You bet! Our older-hotel-sister Miss Sophie’s would like to invite you all to her private sanctuary just 10 steps (literally) from Sophie’s Hostel.

Immerse yourself in various forms of relaxation – dive into the warm water of a jacuzzi with hydromassage, relieve yourself in the infrared sauna and unwind in the chill zone while listening to the music of your choice and snacking on some fresh fruit.

Miss Sophie’s wellness is open to everyone who longs for some relaxation time.  Our private sessions last 90 minutes (for up to 3 people) and cost 1500 CZK**.

Opening time is from 9 AM to 10:30 PM.

For more information and booking ask our receptionists or contact us at info@miss-sophies.com or +420 210 011 200.

**Make your trip little bit more special without destroying your budget - book direct and get the private wellness session for half.