Public Transport

Prague has an excellent public transport system that runs 24 hours a day. We offer various ticket options at reception, from single tickets to multi-day passes.
The Prague Metro System is easy to figure out since there are only three lines: A, B, and C. Just make sure you validate your ticket in the small yellow boxes before going to the Metro platform.
For trams or buses look for the red and yellow tram or bus signs. You’ll need to have a ticket before you board since you can’t buy them on board. Some larger stops have machines, otherwise they can be bought from tobacco and newspaper shops and stands.
Day transport runs between 5:00 am and midnight. Metros shut down at midnight, and then night trams (marked with numbers: 51-59) run every half hour until 5:00 am. The tram stops nearest Miss Sophie’s is I.P. Pavlova or Štěpánská.
On the tram stop, white or yellow numbers indicate day trams and blue is for night trams. Below the numbers you’ll see a list of tram stops and a schedule. Your stop is the one underlined. The trams that stop next to a metro are marked with a metro symbol. On the schedule “Pracovní den” means “Monday to Friday”, “Sobota” is “Saturday”, and “Nedele” is “Sunday”.

A Few Extra Tips

• When taking a cab, we strongly recommend phoning a reputable taxi company, such as AAA or City Taxi. You can ask reception to call a cab anytime! If possible, avoid hailing a cab on the street. Though things have improved there are still some bad eggs out there. Always pay by the meter. And, of course, it’s always a good idea to carry small bills and be discrete with your belongings.
• Fare from the airport to Sophie’s Hostel is around 600-700 CZK (Or, see below for information about the recommended airport shuttle for 550 CZK)
• Fare from the main train station is around 200 CZK
• Fare from the Holesovice train station is around 500 CZK
• In general, the starting rate should be 30-40 CZK, with 28 CZK additional per kilometer.
• Avoid taxis that quote you higher prices than the rates stated above
• We recommend AAA Radiotaxi, phone: +420 222 333 222 or 14014
• Beware of pickpockets in busy areas and on trams, metro and buses
• Never show your money to someone in the street, especially if they claim to be the “police”. Why would the police need to see your money? That’s silly!
• Tipping is somewhat expected in Czech restaurants. Round up to the next 10Kc, or anywhere up to 10%, depending on how big the tab is. The usual way to pay is to tell the server the total you would like to pay including the tip while handing them the money. Sometimes giving them an amount and saying “Thank you” will be interpreted as meaning that you don’t need any change back.
• Banks are the best option to exchange money. ATMs are also a good option if you need cash. Take care with exchange offices, sometimes the good rates are only if you are exchanging over a certain amount, and always check your receipt.
• Buy a transport pass at the reception desk which gives you unlimited transport travel. Don’t forget, you only need to validate your ticket once!
• Prices for many restaurants and shops in Old Town Square, Malostranska (Prague castle area) and Wenceslas Square are steep, considered as “tourist traps”. Be cautious.