Beer in Prague

Welcome to Prague…where the beer (‘pivo’ in Czech) is cheaper than water!

Pivovarský Dům:

Microbrewery and restaurant with special beers (i.e. cherry and nettle) and typical Czech dishes. Just around the corner from Sophie’s Hostel!

Strahov Monastery:

Swoon over this ornate library and grab an excellent micro-brew after! Hop on tram #22 to get there!

Staropramen Brewery:

Visit the 2nd largest brewery in the Czech Republic and learn about history of brewing beer in Bohemia while satisfying your taste buds. Located just across the river.

Vinohradský Pivovar:

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Vinohradský Pivovar is located in Vinohrady just a 20 minute walk from Sophie's Hostel. The bar is non-smoking of course. They brew 3 beers on site and you can clearly see the large brewing kettles. The service here is excellent. The Pivovar has 3 micro-brews on tap, Vinohradská 11° Beer .5 – 36 Kc,  Svetlý Ležák 12° .5 – 38 Kc and Jantarová 13° .5 – 39 Kc.

U tří růží - Brewery and Restaurant:

In English, “The brewery At the Three Roses” with history dating back to 1406 by mister Beneš – brewing master.

U Zlatého Tygra (The Golden Tiger):

Enjoy an unpasteurized Pilsner Urquell, which connoisseurs consider to be among the best in the world and discover the true Czech pub where Bohumil Hrabel, one of the great writers of the 20th century, was a regular here until his death in 1997.

U Medvídků Brewery:

Traditional Czech beer hall with hearty local food and beer ice cream!

Pivovar Národní:

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Pivovar Národní is very new micro brewery bar in the center right beside the National Theatre. It is only a 25 mins walk or 8 mins by tram. It consists of a large non-smoking bar/restaurant and a 100 seat Beer Garden with a children’s play corner. It serves 3 micro-brews Czech Lion 11° Pilsner .4 – 35 Kc, Czech Lion 11° Unfiltered Lager .4 – 35 Kc and Czech Lion 13° semi dark special .4 – 39 Kc.


Home of the Giant Metronome, beer garden and a hillside overlooking the Vltava.

Riegrovy Sady:

Local favourite in warm weather for picnics or drinks in the popular beer garden.

Vyšehrad Beer Garden:

Hang with the locals over a Gambrinus or Pilsner and grilled goodies and 360 views of the city.