Metros run from 5am to midnight. Depending on the day and time, metros can be 3-9 minutes apart. Day trams also operate from 5am to midnight. From midnight to 5am, you can catch a night tram on most high-traffic tram routes. Night trams (and only night trams) are numbered in the 90’s (i.e., 91, 92, etc.). Tickets can be purchased in the metro station or from our reception:
• 24 CZK (30 minutes, one mode of transportation)
• 32 CZK (75 minutes, multiple modes of transportation)
• 110 CZK (24 hour pass, unlimited use of public transportation)
• Or, ask our receptionist about our discounted rental passes!

The closest metro and tram stop to Sophie’s Hostel is IP Pavlova and you will find directions to Sophie’s here.