General Features at Sophie's Hostel

Does Sophie’s Hostel have a guest kitchen?

Yep, we do! Sophie’s Hostel has a small guest kitchen (not suitable for groups, sorry!). The receptionist can also direct you to one of the small food shops nearby where you can pick up your ingredients. Also our apartments come with fully equipped kitchenettes.

Is there Internet access at Sophie’s Hostel?

Yes! There is free wireless internet throughout the building.

Is Sophie’s Hostel non-smoking?

Yes. We are a fully non-smoking establishment. If you need to smoke you can do so outside. Please don’t smoke inside! There is a fine for doing so and above all, it is unpleasant for the other guests.

Can I have a towel?

Yes. For guests staying in the shared dorm rooms a towel can be rented from reception for a small fee of 30 CZK. For guests staying in private rooms, towels are already provided.

Can I borrow a hair dryer, iron or adapter?

Yes. These items (and more) can be borrowed for free from reception. We’ll ask you to leave a deposit, but you’ll get it back when the item is returned. All private rooms and apartments have hair dryers.