Who is Sophie?

At New Year’s Eve, she loves to organize opulent dinners for her best friends.

First and foremost, Sophie is a passionate host. At New Year’s Eve, she loves to organize opulent dinners for her best friends, but her hospitality shows all the year round. She is caring and loving but does not like to be the center of attention. Still, you can feel her everywhere, the little lady touches in the rooms, the arrangement of the breakfast buffets and in the warm way her staff is welcoming guests from near and far. Having visited many foreign countries herself, from Estonia to India and Zanzibar, Sophie can relate very well to the needs of all traveling souls. Sit down with her for a nice cup of Earl Grey, grab one of her homemade cookies and she will be happy to exchange stories from the road with you. In fact, this might just be why she decided to open her doors for people from all over the world in the first place – to create a space where all explorers and adventurers can come together and connect. There is no better nourishment for an ever-curious and open minded soul like hers!

sophies hostel prague who is sophie

Miss Sophie is passionate about hosting dinners - whether it is a "Dinner for One" or a pancake night for many of her friends.

Sophie has a knack for design. She is inspired by cool Nordic styles but always keeps it cozy. She has an eye for the detail, likes to craft, and is not afraid to pick up the toolbox herself to create a new piece of original furniture. Besides that, she loves to shop antiques, especially in the quaint little shop across the street from the hostel. Any day will get better when she finds a beautiful set of porcelain saucers or some tiny Japanese bowls while digging through the shelves and chit-chatting with the grumpy owner. Sophie appreciates eccentricity. A lot.

Her favorite flowers are red poppies. She just loves cycling through the Moravian countryside on her old Favorite bike while they are in full blossom. Every now and then, Sophie stops by one of the vineyards to pick up a few bottles of Kerner or Muscat for her guests. Besides sweet wines, she likes freshly grounded coffee and old rum, all enjoyed best while surrounded by exquisite acquaintances in her bar or café.

sophies hostel prague who is sophie

When it comes to art, she has nothing against Mucha but is much more keen on Toyen and Josef Čapek. She's puzzled by František Kupka but doesn't think he's overrated. Sophie prefers Bohumil Hrabal over Milan Kundera and will gladly borrow you a book of her favorite writer. Maybe you can take it to the Vyšehrad fortress, where Sophie likes to wander in the sculpture park with her bulldog Pomeroy. She will always gladly point out her favorite spots for you on the map.

sophies hostel prague who is sophie

Sophie loves serving omelets to guests during her infamous brunches. She has a very clear vision of how a Christmas tree should be decorated and will not let anyone touch it – except you are a cute and curious five-year-old girl from India. In this case, you are most welcome.

sophies hostel prague who is sophie

Having lived in the lands of Bohemia for a while, Sophie knows about the cultural importance of “having one beer” and occasionally gathers a merry circle to talk about Miloš Forman movies, Prague’s quirkiest sights and existentialism, all while a distinguished expert serves you the very best Czech breweries have to offer. Revolutions can be born like this, soulmates may be found, old certainties shaken.

sophies hostel prague who is sophie

“Darlings, I think I’ll retire”, she always says when she finally gets off her rocking chair in the evening to go upstairs and rest. But don’t worry, that will be only for the day. She will hum a chanson before she falls asleep and starts dreaming. She dreams about the foreign lands her guests told her about, new visions and ideas for expanding her business, that one mirror still missing in room number eight. And tomorrow she will be back. Telling you a hilarious joke during breakfast, fluffing up the pillows, buying flowers for that couple on their honeymoon. Making people feel like they have just met someone wonderful.

sophies hostel prague who is sophie

A country girl at heart? Sophie sure likes to pick up flowers and a bottle of wine for her guests while cycling through the Moravian fields. Image by Nadin Danielsson

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